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Motivated by the lack of technological advancement in sports fishing space. The FishAngler app is paving the way for anglers to connect, catch, and compete within one common platform. What started as an idea to advance the sport’s fishing industry into the mobile tech space, has now evolved into a cross device platform that answers the call for a technological update in sport fishing industry. From beginners to avid professionals, FishAngler provides features for everyone to capture fishing’s finest moments; log and share catch data, promote, and connect with others alike.

FishAngler App Overview

  • Organizes your life time of fishing experiences and catches
  • Customized angler profiles and newsfeed
  • Newsfeed can be tailored by following preferences of fish species, other anglers, bodies of water and location
  • Log catches and automatically tag a catch to a body of water with weather, tidal and moon phase data at time of catch
  • Community of fishing reports
  • Personalized Tackle box to track your baits and lures
  • Bodies of water database with millions of locations
  • Fish species identification database with scientific details of over 32,000 speciess
  • Lure database of most commonly used baits

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